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Basement Flooring: How to Overcome Moisture Problem

Basement Flooring: How to Overcome Moisture Problem

Moisture is the main issue when you deal with basement flooring. We can call this special because it is, indeed, different from the other normal flooring for home or building. What makes it special is its location. It is close to the ground and the moisture is sometimes uncontrollable even in the dry weather. Thus, it is important for you to understand the following basement flooring ideas.

Basement Flooring Ideas to Know

First, you need to question yourself whether the basement flooring material dries out or not. Indeed, ceramic tile works better in this case. It dries out even in the flooding event. However, still, you can consider the other materials such as wood, stone, concrete or laminate. Before installing certain flooring, it is required to have a concrete basement slab. On the slab is where the flooring is directly installed.

If you want to install laminate flooring, for example, you do not need to have certain subfloor. You just need to assemble the flooring by using foam or certain adhesive material. On the other hand, if you want to have carpeted flooring or any resilient flooring, you need to have subflooring as the sleeper. It is standard requirement of basement flooring that you need to follow.

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