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Bathroom Cabinets to Stash and to Display Stuff

Bathroom Cabinets to Stash and to Display Stuff

Especially for the master bathroom, adding some bathroom cabinets is a must. You may have at least two bathrooms in your home. They can be for the guest and for the master bathroom. For the guest, you may need to complete it with vanity which can be without storage. But for the master bathroom, bathroom storage cabinets must be needed. Even, you may have more than one storage cabinets.

Types of Bathroom Cabinets

Based on the application, there are two types of bathroom cabinets. The first one is the cabinets for the vanity. They are positioned surrounding the sink. It can be under the sink and on the wall next to the sink. Then, the second one is the free standing cabinets. These cabinets are not added for the vanity, but they are added for additional storage. They can be added next to the bathtub or somewhere else.

Storage cabinets for bathroom can be designed in both open and closed design. Some homeowners prefer having the cabinets with the combination of open and close storage. In a single unit of storage furniture, there may be some drawers and shelving units. Mostly, they are made of wood. To meet special needs, this material of bathroom cabinets is sometimes combined with glass and mirror

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