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Bathroom Sinks with Best Materials and Designs

Bathroom Sinks with Best Materials and Designs

One of the main items in bathroom is bathroom sinks. Sink or also called washbowl, sinker, wash basin and hand basin is featured with a plumbing that you can use for washing your hands. As sinks are added on the vanity, they are also known as bathroom vanity sinks. Sink must be combined with faucets. Faucets are where the water comes through. Sometimes, faucets are designed to serve you with hot and cold water.

Bathroom Sinks Materials Options

There are some materials that are used to make bathroom sinks. They include ceramic, stone, concrete, glass, marble, plastic, stainless steel etc. For the modern bathroom, plastic material is so popular, especially the high end plastic or acrylic. It offers sleek look when designed in rectangle, rounded or oval shape. Stone sink is good for bold natural look. Works with wooden vanity, it can also represent rustic style. Then, the contemporary bathroom is usually employed glass sink.

Based on the application, there are some design styles of bathroom sink. They are top mount, under mount and vessel sink. Top mount sinks stand on certain hole on the vanity countertop. The design is similar to the design of vessel sink. However, the vessel sink does not have any hole because it simply stands on the surface. Then, the under mount sink or also known as bottom mount bathroom sinks are set below the countertop surface

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