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Finished Basement Ideas That You Need to Understand

Finished Basement Ideas That You Need to Understand

Before beginning your DIY project of finished basement, here are some finished basement ideas that you need to know. Everyone will love and be grateful of having extra space for living, dining, office, etc. in the basement. For the preparation, make sure that the basement is dry. In addition, you need also to be aware of the code that you probably need some permits.

Start the Finished Basements Project

First, you need to consider the fasteners. It is better for you when dealing with finished basement to rent a shotgun fastener, moreover if you want to work with sturdy wall, such as concrete. Then, also consider installing some vapor barrier to avoid moisture. It should be supported with furring strips added at the outside wall. Next, you need to work with the insulation to keep warm vibe inside the basement.

When you work with the ceiling, you are better to make use of suspended or drop ceiling. It should be with some light recess where you can install the ceiling lamps. To support the comfortable ambiance, you may also install baseboard heating. The last idea of finished basement is that you must have a utility room that houses HVAC unit(s) and consider that it has special requirement for the framing and spacing

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