Jesse Coombs Foundation - Boy Scouts Anti-drug and Kayaking Presentation

I gave a presentation to Boy Scouts this past weekend with a few friends for the Jesse Coombs Foundation and it was a huge success. I would like to give Katie Wagner special thanks for being the organizer with Barry Sullivan from the troop.

I spent the first 30 minutes speaking with the boys and their fathers about the allure and damage of drugs, I told them a personal story about experiences my high school fiends endured with drugs. I then gave them specific information about exactly how drugs effect our bodies and mind and the very permanent damage they cause.

I presented to the boys alternative ways to achieve natural enjoyment and achievement in life and how the highs reached through goals and achievement are so much more fulfilling, long lasting and better than the damage caused by chemicals.

I believe that if kids truly understand the damage to their bodies and mind caused by drugs, they will be less likely to get pulled into making this mistake.

Brian shared a heart felt story about how three of his friends died and the other was paralyzed in a car accident caused by drugs. It clearly shook him to recount this story. The parents left the room and we spent some time talking about what drugs the boys had been exposed to and their choices. I truly enjoyed this time with them.

Next the boys and fathers were very excited to get in the pool and learn kayaking. We taught them many of the basic skills including wet exits, basic strokes, braces, intro to the roll and most fun of all sharks and minnows in kayaks.

The boys had a blast and were clamoring for more. I had to teach from the side while my hand heals and Katie, Jason and Brian did a great job in the water.

Thanks also to Brian for taking photographs.

Jesse instructing the Scouts on proper boat handling technique.

Playing 'Sharks and Minnows' without paddles to familiarize the Scouts with the kayaks.

Putting it all together - learning paddle strokes.