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mini roses
Mini roses for indoor growing reach a height of about 40-45 cm. There are more than a hundred varieties of this elegant and extraordinarily beautiful flower. While buying choose a plant with unblown buds. Carefully inspect the rose plant, paying attention to the leaves’ condition and the presence of any pests. If there are blossoming flowers on the bush, most of them need to be cut off for better plant growth. Leave two or three flowers and a couple of buds. The best varieties for growing indoor are remontant, Bengal, and polyanthus roses.

Most popular indoor roses varieties

  • Polyanthus - low indoor plants bushes, strongly branched with densely located small flowers of white, pink or red, most often odorless. The flowering continues throughout the year.
  • Remontant - have dense foliage of dark green color, flower buds are located on a long peduncle, resemble the shape of a vase. Flowers are not as dense as the previous variety, but you can enjoy their splendor two times during one season.
  • Bengal - excellent for growing in an apartment environment, because they are compact and not complicated to care. Little leaves and lush flowers of pink, red, rarely white color almost all year round will decorate your interior.

How to care of indoor rose bush

Since the rose is not a tropical flower, a temperate climate and a cool wintering work for it. It should be located on the south-east or west side of the apartment.
  • Lighting. The indoor rose, like other ornamental plants, loves sunlight. At the same time, do not overheat it. Therefore, the best place for a rose is a window with the east or west orientation. In summer, it is preferable to take a rose on a balcony or terrace, providing it with a shade from direct sunlight.
  • Temperature. The best suitable temperature for the plant in the summer is 20-25° C. Overheating and overdrying are undesirable. In winter a rose must be placed in a cool room with a temperature of 10-15°C for rest. Do not place a bush near heating appliances. Low daily fluctuations in temperature for the flower will be beneficial, but protect the rose from the cold drafts.
  • Air humidity. Prefers humid air. In a dry room, roses can become infected with pests, so spray them every two days. If roses are in a cool place, then you can do without spraying. Arrange them a short shower in order to wash off the dust from the leaves. Try not to sprinkle water on the flowers on a sunny day.
The drying of the soil is dangerous for the plant. Therefore, as soon as the soil dries (especially in small pots) pour your plant. Especially important is watering in the spring and summer during the growing season.

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