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Ideas and tips to create astonishing green bathroom decor

Ideas and tips to create astonishing green bathroom decor

The white bathroom is somewhat everyone already got used to, but there are actually many other color options that suit this type of the room. Different shades of green color are one of the ideas on how you could use while your old bathroom remodel if you are planning to.

Why you should choose green

Simply, the green color is a pleasant natural color. Also, it is the biggest association when it comes to nature and all the nice seasons, especially summer and spring. The green color bathroom is a new refreshment allowing you to apply different shades of this hue in one room.

Apply different shades of green color

To be able to make a bathroom with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, pick cool shades of green. Soft ones will be a good option, too. Such hues are very close to blue and help to soothe the atmosphere. Here are some other tips you could follow when remodeling an old bathroom:

  • consider that not every single shade of green color can perfectly suit the modern bathroom, super dark or bright shades will not work well;
  • pick the right shade of green color according to the available space in the room;
  • avoid dark green hues;
  • bring the harmony to space by adding particular accessories;
  • most of the bathroom elements ought to remain neutral;
  • most common combination of the astonishing bathroom is a green and white one.

Bathroom cabinet ideas for green space

Another necessary complement to the green bathroom is a cabinet, additional storage for all the necessary things and cosmetics you use. Consider natural looking ones, as well as those made of wood, of warmer shades with special water protection to avoid any damages.

Available green bathroom accessories

If you want to add even more green color to your bathroom, you should definitely purchase some green bathroom accessories to emphasize the atmosphere. However, it would be a perfect option only if the walls of the room remained white or any other hue except green. Instead, you can apply wall patterns of different green color shades and pick the accessories and another bathroom décor according to that color.

If you decide to paint the walls green, make sure to choose bathroom mirror of a particular design, with a golden or bronze frame in order to create the necessary contrast.

On the other hand, white or light green accessories would also perfectly suit the atmosphere of a green bathroom.

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