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Window Curtains and Other Special Window Treatments

Window Curtains and Other Special Window Treatments

We all need window curtains not only to cover our windows and provide privacy for our family, but also to add more beauty to the room. If you are hunting new curtains for your windows, consider some curtains that have some texture. If the glass windows are small, consider roman shades that are made from bamboo or rattan or another natural fiber. Those roman shades from natural materials will increase the visual interest because of their texture.

Window Curtains Types for Small Rooms with Plenty Small Windows

If your room gets too much sunlight, you definitely need window curtains that will work perfectly in reducing direct sunlight. Sunlight is good to keep your room warm and bright, but too much sunlight will make the room feels hot and make everyone in the room feels uncomfortable. Use woven shades from wood or simple blinds also from wood to filter sunlight. Those blinds and shades are simple and don’t look too heavy for your small windows.

Consider adding some curves to your windows. If your interior has plenty straight lines like square or straight stuff, adding some curves on the window will make the room looks more adorable. Soft curves are good to open space up, they work so great in small rooms. Some soft curved window curtains you can consider to beautify your windows are including curved cornice, or valance with box pleat

christmas window curtains combine with window valance curtains combine with duck river window curtains

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